Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park was established in  1977 with the intention of being able to cater to open air displays created by British and international artists. The gallery, locat14456732_1324134890932436_157388072_oed in West Bretton has been home to over 50 temporary pieces in the last 40 years. Featuring the work of many renowned and influential artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Julian Opie and Henry Moore; York Sculpture Park has also attracted the work of major names in pop culture such as the most recent addition of a selection of pieces by New York based artist KAWS.

KAWS exhibition created in 2013 was erected in the park in 2016 and is a temporary fixture until December. Towering over the countryside these large sculptures entitled; “Along the Way”, “Good Intentions”, “Final Days”, “Small Lie”, aim to induce emotion and a reaction from the audiences 14454093_1324134967599095_774621061_oobserving.

Another piece featured is Lakeside by Julian Opie, many of his works have been described as exploring the relationship between art and architecture which can be partially seen in his piece featured at the park. Opie often starts with photography and then alters these by reducing the picture and simplifying it until it is something almost unrecognisable when compared to the original image. This can be seen here where he has created a piece based on a horse but has still incorporated movement as he uses modern technology to show the horse running, this may be a piece that would attract younger audiences to the park as they will be familiar with technology and it is interesting to see how it can be used to create art and furth14467079_1324134974265761_531168428_oer how it fits into this natural environment where is it displayed.

Winner of the Art Fund Museum of the year 2014 York Sculpture Park is a popular gallery welcoming over 400,00 guests annually. Being funded from donations of those visiting the park is still able to contribute five million pounds to the local economy. It is clear to see the importance and value this display has in the local community.14489663_1324134887599103_1098504899_o






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