Media consumption- Private Sphere vs Public Sphere

This week we discussed how experiencing media in different environments can completely change our experience of consuming them. I am comparing watching films in the comfort of our own home vs going to the cinema. Within each of these again I feel that there is great variation in the experiences we may have.  In the… Continue reading Media consumption- Private Sphere vs Public Sphere


Media Log 3- The Evaluation

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs dictates as humans what we need to fulfil our lives and orders them starting with our very basic physical needs. This theory originally from 1943 could be seen to be outdated as this does not include modern media technologies and how these have changed society and therefore what we need. Under… Continue reading Media Log 3- The Evaluation

For Better or for Worse? Social Media and the Future

“In short, we are all cyborgs: the cyborg is our ontology: it gives us our politics.” (Haraway, 1990: pg.150) Although from over a decade ago Haraway adequately describes how the internet and more recently specifically social media has become an integral part of our lives.  The disruption caused by the rise in popularity of social… Continue reading For Better or for Worse? Social Media and the Future